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Capital and Debt Advisory Services

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We help professionals draw on our shared creativity, experience, judgment, and diverse perspectives across all disciplines and from every angle to reframe the future for our clients.

Eric Lagat

Capital and Debt Advisory Services

Hartford Consultancy cares about your long-term financing availability, independence and security. We advise clients on debt and equity financing selection and structuring by providing support with either private placements or offerings from the capital markets. We structure and negotiate extensive financing packages if required by our customers, often in connection with a mandate for mergers and acquisitions.

Depending on the scope of our mandate, we focus on selecting appropriate banks, preparing financial plans, drafting comprehensive documentation, and negotiating financing terms.

Our services include:
1. Capital raising options evaluation and optimum balance
2. Working capital management
3. Capital structuring and realignment to achieve corporate goals
4. Investment management and appraisal