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Culture Change Program

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We help professionals draw on our shared creativity, experience, judgment, and diverse perspectives across all disciplines and from every angle to reframe the future for our clients.

Eric Lagat

Culture Change Program

Companies are compelled to develop new strategies and change their structures as they adapt to changes in markets, consumer expectations, and diverse and new regulations. Nevertheless, for these changes to be successful, the culture of the organization must be in line with its strategy and structure, a process that often requires a change in culture.

In general, beginning with leadership instruments, including a vision or story of the future, cementing the change in place with management tools, such as role definitions, measurement and control systems, and using the pure power tools of coercion and punishment as a last resort is the most fruitful success strategy.

Our services include:
1. Create a LASER focus on the corporate goals
2. Empower teams to know what is expected of them
3. Derive commitments to company goals from team members
4. Maintain and sustain the culture of performance and success in the organization