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Valuation and Business Modelling

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We help professionals draw on our shared creativity, experience, judgment, and diverse perspectives across all disciplines and from every angle to reframe the future for our clients.

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Valuation and Business Modelling

Hartford Consultancy helps you understand what your business, shares or assets are worth in the context of transactions, strategic decision-making, financial reporting, disputes, tax planning or group restructurings.

Valuations are required for many other purposes, playing a central role in M&A. These include taxes (estimation of arm length values for group subsidiaries and intangible assets), disputes (estimation of contract breach damages) and financial reporting (impairment reviews, acquisition-capitalized valuation of intangibles). Hartford Consultancy’s valuation team is made up of financial accounting, real estate and tax law professionals working with industry specialists worldwide.

Business plan and modelling
Business modeling is a tool with a wide range of applications: M&A, forecasting & budgeting, restructuring of business, integration after merger, etc. Wrongly performed, a transaction’s financial modeling is time-consuming and can contain costly errors. We offer high-quality modeling that covers all stages of the transaction process: high-level pre-transaction business planning, operational and financial modeling & review, and the development of analytical and forecasting tools to improve post-transaction performance.

Our services include:
1. Company valuation exercises for purposes of disposal
2. Specific asset valuations and subsequent transfer on disposal
3. Model development to support client strategic
4. Decision making on asset disposal and transfer